Eating the wrong foods when you’re suffering from a cold or flu could keep you feeling miserable for longer than you have to. Adding weeks away from your loved ones, away from work and income, or just lost sick days you could have spent having fun. All your hard work making chicken soups and drinking immune promoting teas or healthy smoothies, may all be in vain if you are counteracting the benefits with these cold-prolonging foods & drinks!

Below are the top 5 food and drinks you should try and avoid when your body is trying to get rid of a cold.

#5. High Sugar Foods- Candy, Cakes, Cookies

Sugar has been shown to lead to an inflammatory response within the body. When this response is produced in excess it may cause damage to the body, which in turn can result in your body's ability to maintain optimal health.2 

A study on Neutrophils (which are white blood cells that destroy pathogens) showed that when sugar is consumed the neutrophilic response was significantly reduced. This means the overall function of the immune system was weakened.1


#4. Caffeinated Coffee

Even though coffee can give you that mental kick to push you through the day, it only provides you with temporary relief and could very well be prolonging your cold. 

There are two staples your body needs when trying to beat a cold: Rest & Hydration.

Coffee is a stimulant and a diuretic meaning it will prevent your body from resting and will draw fluid out of your body and cause you to excrete more in your urine or stools.3

If you need coffee avoid a cup 6-8 hours before sleeping and try and pair it with a big glass of water or two.


#3. Sugary Drinks

Much like sugar packed foods, sugary drinks have a very similar effect on your immune system.  A big difference though is that sugary drinks can be sneaky because you don't realize how much sugar is really packed in a can or bottle. This includes sports drinks, soft drinks and sodas.

When you visualize how much sugar is in drinks you will be surprised! Solo has 17.3 teaspoons, Coke has 16 teaspoons, Gatorade Tropical has 9 teaspoons and Lipton Ice Tea Peach has 6.6 teaspoons of sugar per serve!


#2. Greasy Foods

Even though fast foods can be a comfort for when you are not feeling your best, they have been shown to provide unwanted effects. Studies show that high fat diets reduce the efficiency of the immune system to fight infectious disease.4 The immune system becomes less active and white blood cells become worse at dealing with bacteria in the blood.5


#1. Alcohol

Alcohol is a big one, it ticks all the boxes for being one of the worst things for a cold!

Alcohol can affect your sleep by disrupting your REM sleep cycle which is the most restorative type of sleeping as well as by turning on a sleep pattern called alpha activity, which is where your body goes into a resting state instead of a deep sleep. 6

Alcohol is like caffeine but worse! Alcohol blocks your body's release of an antidiuretic hormone which is what helps your kidneys conserve water. This leads to more urine production and this in turn leads to dehydration.7

Alcohol also disrupts the function of the upper airways, impairs the function of immune cells (neutrophils-the white blood cells that destroy pathogens), and weakens the barrier function of the tissue in the lower airways. Alcohol consumption does not have to be chronic to have negative health consequences. In fact, research shows that acute binge drinking also affects the immune system negatively.8

Avoiding these “foods” is the best way to stay healthy, but sometimes your body needs an extra boost…
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It is imperative to seek medical advice to ensure there are no underlying medical issues.
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