Staying healthy and choosing the right things to do to help your body to give it the best chances to optimize your immune system can be a little challenging.

We want to help!

It doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is incorporate these simple and easy tips into your lifestyle! There are many other things you can do to help enhance the health of your body, but we understand that it can all be a bit overwhelming. So start simple with our 6 easy tips!


Eating healthy is important, it ensures that your body gets its required nutrients to function at its best.  There are certain foods which do have higher immune boosting properties and it’s beneficial to know what these are. 
It’s important to eat foods with Vitamin C (fruit and veg), Zinc (animal products, nuts and seeds) and Iron (meat, beans, lentils & spinach), as these vitamins and minerals are what help your body strengthen it’s immunity in preparation for a more effective defence and attack against viruses.



We all know how important hygiene is, but during colder months and through festive seasons it is super important. Viruses thrive better in colder conditions as they are able to survive longer in colder temperatures and the low humidity in the air makes it easier for the virus to get into our body when we inhale. During peak times we are in contact with more people than what we are normally exposed to, this in turn increases the risk of infection. The more you are exposed the more likely you could come into contact with a virus. Taking that extra minute after shopping or when seeing family or friends to wash your hands could greatly reduce the likelihood of infection.
It’s always better to sneeze in a tissue, but if you can't make it to one, your elbow is the next best thing as you don't use your elbows to grab things (well we hope not!).



This one may seem like a no brainer, but you may be surprised at how little water you consume as the cold weather doesn't make you feel as thirsty!
Keep a bottle by your side to remind you to drink throughout the day.  Those warm teas and soups count as fluid intake too!



There are certain vitamins that help your body stay healthy in preperation to fight off a cold.
One vitamin that is crucial for overall health is Vitamin D.  It is particularly important to focus on vitamin D during the winter season as vitamin D intake is very much dependent on sunlight.  Going outside during winter obviously isn't as enjoyable. However as you go outside less, you are in less contact with the sun and that means less vitamin D production. Vitamin D is crucial for bone growth and density as well as for your general health.

Try and get outdoors (in-between the downpours) to get your intake of sunlight. However still be wary that you can get sunburnt even in winter, so don’t forget appropriate sun protection!

Vitamin D can also be taken in pill form. Or you could also put mushrooms outside for them to soak up the suns rays for you! This is another very convenient and natural way to boost your vitamin D intake! 



It may seem way more appealing to just curl up on the couch with a warm drink, but keeping active is important. It is important for your body, but more importantly for your mind. During the colder weather, the days are darker and this can affect your mental well-being. The sunlight influences our brain chemicals which relate to our mood. The winter blues are a real thing! You also do tend to stray away from your normal activities during the winter and go into a hibernation mode. So keeping active is important to boost those happy brain chemicals. Even if it’s relaxing yoga or a dance party at home!



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It is imperative to seek medical advice to ensure there are no underlying medical issues.
As with the use of any nutraceutical, it is important to first consult with your health professional to discuss your use of our product in light of any medical conditions you may have and any medication you may be taking. Always read the label. Do not use if pregnant, taking blood thinners and/or allergic to the mint family of plants. If symptoms persist consult your health professional. All dosage, quantity and list of ingredients can be found on the label and on its corresponding webpage found on our website,

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