Biggest Save - Winter Bundle

Bundle includes:
1x Oil of Wild Oregano 50ml Bottle
1x Oil of Wild Oregano 120 Capsule Bottle
4x Oil of Wild Oregano Drops (Lozenges)


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Is this you?

Struggling with Cold and Flu?

Colds and flus are more than just minor inconveniences—they can disrupt your life, causing missed workdays, sleepless nights, and a general sense of discomfort.


From relentless coughing and congestion to body aches and fatigue, these symptoms can leave you feeling drained and miserable.


If you're tired of suffering through these seasonal illnesses, it's time to discover a natural solution that works.

Viruses can be anywhere, on anything and can survive long after contamination.

The Common Cold and Flu is Caused by a Submicroscopic Virus.

A study by the American Society for Microbiology showed that a virus can live on a banknote for up to 3 days. Viruses can transfer to a host with a success rate of 67% when the individual has touched an object. An example being, touching a bank note and then touching the face. Touching your face might not seem like a prominent reoccurance in your day, but you will be surprised. According to a study published by the American Journal of Infection Control, the average person touches their face 23 times per hour! That's 322 times a cold can enter your body in a single day!
Origanum Vulgare

What is Oil of Wild Oregano?

Oil of Wild Oregano is a potent, natural extract derived from the leaves and flowers of the oregano plant. Known for its powerful antimicrobial and antiviral properties, this essential oil has been used for centuries as a remedy for various ailments. Today, it's gaining popularity for its effectiveness in reducing cold and flu symptoms and boosting the immune system.

100% Natural

Solutions4Health stands by the principle of 100% natural. We do not standardize or adulterate nature's perfectly crafted Oil of Wild Oregano. We understand that the synergy of its natural compounds is the key to its potent medicinal properties.


Adulteration risks disrupting the balance of its main constituents, Carvacrol & Thymol. It can elevate Thymol to toxic levels. Unlike some brands with 40% Thymol, Solutions4Health maintains less than 2%, offering an unadulterated, unstandardized product with nature's original blend and high Carvacrol levels.


Quality is the essence of our brand. We subject our therapeutic range to rigorous testing, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of purity and potency. Our products are manufactured in TGA, GMP compliant, and Australian Certified Organic facilities.

Benefits of Oil of Wild Oregano

Reduces Cold and Flu Symptoms

Oil of Wild Oregano contains compounds like carvacrol and thymol, which have been shown to fight off viruses and bacteria. Using it at the onset of a cold or flu can help shorten the duration of illness and alleviate symptoms such as sore throat, cough, and congestion.

Enhances Immune System

Regular use of Oil of Wild Oregano, can significantly boost your immune system. It can enhance your body’s defense mechanisms by increasing the activity and proliferation of key immune cells, such as lymphocytes and macrophages.  The active compounds in Oregano, namely carvacrol and thymol, are what give the plant its health benefits, offering antioxidant protection and anti-inflammatory effects. Incorporating Oil of Oregano into your routine may support overall health and strengthen your immune response.

What's in the Bundle

Oil of Wild Oregano Multi-Purpose Liquid
Depending on your bundle choice, you either will get a 10ml, 25ml or a 50ml Oil of Wild Oregano Bottle.

Easy to use for both internal and external use. 
Simply apply the oil topically as required.
Or pipette 1-5 drops in your drink of choice (eg. orange juice).
Oil of Wild Oregano Capsules
Depending on your bundle choice, you either will get 12 Capsule Blister Packets, 60 Capsule or a 120 Capsule Oil of Wild Oregano Bottle.

We know the taste of Oil of Wild Oregano isn't for everyone! So with the ease of our VegiCaps you can experience the benefits without the spice!
Oil of Wild Oregano Drops (Lozenges)
Depending on your bundle choice, you either will get 2 or 4 packets of Oil of Wild Oregano Drops (Lozenges).

Soothe and relax your throat. Oil of Wild Oregano is a hot oil (meaning it is spicy), so combined with the sweetness of honey these lozenges are the perfect combo to deliver your desired effects!

Don't just take our word for it!

The most amazing product. Does the job as described on the label. My new go-to for preventing / minimising cold symptoms. Thank you for such a great product!

Kylie G.

Verified Buyer - May. 14th 2024

It is truly amazing if your feel like your getting a sore throat or cold. Place a couple of mls under your tongue and swallow. Don't drink anything after it, it burns slightly, but that's it's healing effect. It takes away any sore throat or cold symptoms in no time. Great stuff, and 100% natural even better

Robert De J.

Verified Buyer - Dec. 12th, 2023

I have been taking oregano caps for a year or so, not falling I’ll throughout Winter. I stopped taking them before Christmas and of course I got sick! These are the bees knees, take one everyday.

Meghan L.

Verified Buyer - Apr. 25th, 2024

Never NOT have these bad boys in my cupboard. We take these at the first sight of any sniffle, cold and flu, and usually we would recover fairly quickly. It takes time for the body to adjust and "work with" these supplements. Don't expect miracles but consistency is key. Also I find taking them with meals is better and gentler on the stomach. Have tried different brands, so far I like this brand the most, because it seems to be more gentle on my stomach and work better.

Yen P.

Verified Buyer - Feb. 27th, 2024

Solutions 4 Health Oregano Oil capsules is very beneficial for colds and flus. It is anti-Viral and anti- bacterial. I highly recommend it to my friends.

Maurice E.

Verified Buyer - Mar. 10th 2023

Fabulous product/s, immediate eradication of 'flu, colds, cough, and inflammation. It's my first go-to for cures, for fever, rash, and the above issues. Service is super of course.

Esther T.

Verified Buyer - Dec. 18th, 2023

A lovely product, I can see the quality is there. Using it daily for general health and wellbeing, and as a way to hopefully keep viruses at bay. I’ll be reordering.

Angelique K.

Verified Buyer - Dec. 20th, 2023

Experience these benefits without additional mixing or dilution needed.
Solutions4Health products are properly emulsified with a carrier oil, enabling for immediate internal or external use.
How to Use Oil of Wild Oregano
  • Choose your drink

    We suggest juice, however some have even opted for coconut water or even chai tea to help with the "spice".
  • Drop it in

    Add 1-5 drops of Oil of Wild Oregano to your glass. This is to be repeated 3 times a day so a total maximum of 15 drops are consumed.
  • Drink it quick

    Oil of Wild oregano oil feels “spicy hot” when you swallow it. The spicy hot feeling is normal and is a typical characteristic of the oil. The burning sensation will pass. It is important to remember however that not all oils are created for internal use. Solutions4Health Oil of Wild Oregano is already appropriately diluted with a carrier oil so that it can be used for both internal consumption and external use.

Backed by Science

Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Oil of Wild Oregano in combating pathogens and supporting the immune system. On PubMed alone, there is over 7,000 studies on Oregano, Carvacrol and Origanum Vulgare.


Biggest Save - Winter Bundle

Bundle includes:
1x Oil of Wild Oregano 50ml Bottle
1x Oil of Wild Oregano 120 Capsule Bottle
4x Oil of Wild Oregano Drops (Lozenges)


Options Available at Checkout