I absolutely love this!

Solutions 4 Health Wild Oregano Oil is a miracle oil in a bottle! Years of chronic dieting left me with poor digestion, bloating and inflammation. Wild oregano oil has helped me greatly and it cleared my sinuses to boot! Thanks to it’s natural antibiotic properties, I have not had so much as a sniffle in months and am feeling on top of the world! Thank you!

– Kylie Pax, Australia’s Emotional Eating Coach

You may want to keep this handy!

My son suffered from very bad tonsillitis so much so that his nose was totally blocked, throat swollen and could hardly breathe or eat. He was admitted twice to have drips and antibiotic iv. There was no improvement after 6 days of antibiotic with vitamin c and honey to try to boost his immune and kill that virus. I think to myself that I got to change the “medication” for him and it should work fast. Looking through the products in our shop, I decided on Solutions4Health Oregano oil 4 drops under the tongue 2 hourly and guess what? There was great improvement after 3 doses and he could eat solid food after 3 days. Thank God for providing nature’s pharmacy.”

“Just to let you know that  Marcus is fully recovered before the new year after few days of oregano oil reduced doses to 4 drops 6 hourly 3 times a day to welcome 2017 which is full of opportunities, growth and development!”

The Vitamin Outlet Perth Owner, Kwong, posted a heartfelt story about his son.

Coughs & Colds

I have been looking for an alternative natural antibiotic for my son when he is sick with coughs and colds. I regret giving him antibiotics prescribed by doctors in his early preschool years when he constantly suffered from viral infections.

The nearest I came to was colloidal silver so I was really excited when I heard about oregano oil. He has since used it solely for coughs and colds. Even my husband who suffers from fungal infection on his feet has benefited from it. Thank you for bringing this natural herbal remedy to Australia.

– J.C – NSW

It Works

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using your wild oregano oil. I bought it from the maple street co-op in maleny after googling info on drug-resistant staph on the net and found a research paper from a few years back that discussed oregano oil. I’ve had a drug-resistant staph skin infection for about seven years (caught from kid with impetigo) and have had every anti-biotic (even one that had to be Govt approved) and all of which made it worse. I have tried every ‘natural’ remedy as well and all kinds of treatments. I found ‘medihoney’ good for treating the infection once it flared up (aiding wound healing and also helping with scarring). However, the wild oregano oil actually kills it. The first time I used it I found the infection died off within 36 hours of application (usually I’m looking at four weeks for every outbreak) and I found that with every subsequent infection the time has speeded up. Also, what I’m doing is rubbing the oil (even more watered down with olive oil than it already is) over my skin every day and I don’t seem to be getting the infections at all any more. Anyhow, thought it would be nice to get in touch and let you know and say thanks for your product.

ps. I have also been taking the capsules on and off as a back-up.

– MM – QLD

Positive Results

Just wanted to write and thank you for such an amazing product. I have been using the oil of wild oregano oil for a week now and can say i love it! I bought it to treat toenail fungus that i have been suffering for a long time without a cure and hearing amazing things about Oregano oil in helping to treat toenail fungus i stumbled upon your website and decided to order as yours is the only Australian company that produces the oil. Though i haven’t seen any results on the toenail fungus as it is too early i woke up one night after using the oil internally and externally for 3 days and realised that my left hand which i usually scratch at night until it bleeds as i suffer from eczema was smooth and i hadn’t scratched it and all lesions were closed. I look forward to see the results on my toenails. will continue to use this amazing product and would love to also try the tablets for internal use..

– Tamara – VIC

Traveller’s Best Friend

Wild oregano oil is a traveller’s best friend! I was recently in Nepal for 6 weeks and didn’t part with my bottle the entire time I was there.  It was a very effective water purifier and eliminated many of the potential ‘bugs’ I would have otherwise picked up.  The one time that I felt a little off colour, the oregano worked rapidly over a 24hr period to get me back on my feet and trekking again.  My other trekking companions were also very grateful for the oregano oil after they saw how effective it was and would now also never leave home without it.

– Renee, ND – Southern Highlands NSW

First Choice Medicine

I first became aware of this product four years ago after being introduced to it by my sister-in-law. I confess to a degree of scepticism at first; how could one herb have so much efficacy over such a broad spectrum? Gradually, as I experienced its incredible healing power, it became my constant companion. Whilst living in the UK for a brief period of time it kept me from getting any colds or flus despite experiencing constant exposure to sickness whilst working in two different hospitals. Late last year I had lower jaw surgery and several days following the surgery I started to notice that I was getting an infection. The recommended antibiotics did nothing to budge the increasing amount of swelling, puss and pain. As a last resort I started to put whole dropper fuls of oregano on the incisions and within two days the infection had cleared up and I experienced no further complications with the surgery. Since then, I have taken Wild Oil of Oregano as soon as I feel the beginnings of a cold or virus, and it’s completely gone within just a few doses, and sometimes after only one. If I could choose one medicine to keep on me at all times it would definitely be Wild Oil of Oregano!

– Melissa K, 23

Wonderful Product

I just wanted to say how wonderful your Oil of Oregano is. It’s been 3 weeks since I started using the liquid and the results have been outstanding. I suffer from chronic sinusitis, infected sinus cysts, mouth ulcers and gum inflammation. Over the past 12 months I have been unable to any fight infections, which has left me extremely run down.

Within days the Oil of Oregano started to flush out all the rubbish in my sinuses. My mouth ulcers healed and my gums are so much firmer and less inflamed. I actually add a drop to my toothbrush, which I highly recommend others try!

I did experience a few days of “die off” symptoms during this time, however in my case I feel it is to be expected with such chronic infection. It is also worth adding that antibiotics have not been able to control my sinus problems in the past. Until now, i have been heading down the the sinus surgery path. However, I’m experiencing more benefit from the Oregano oil than any previous treatment (including medicated nasal sprays and other natural antimicrobials like Olive Leaf extract). Needless to say, ‘OOO’ is now part of my daily regime!

Thanks again for such a brilliant product.

– Kendall, QLD

Many Reasons to Use

I have been using Oil of Wild Oregano for about 18 months now and have found it to be quite an amazing product for a number of reasons!

For my sinus problem, I rub half a drop onto the top of my nose, avoiding the nostril area as this stings, and immediately I start to feel relief.

The use of Oil of Wild Oregano has saved me from getting colds & the flu on many occasions – at the first sign of a cold I take heavier doses more frequently until the threat is over.

I have also used Oil of Wild Oregano to treat a raised light brown colour skin lesion – I applied the oil once in the morning and once in the evening until it disappeared.

I found Oil of Wild Oregano to relieve a bad burn which I received from steam off boiling water when lifting the lid of a saucepan. I put a few drops of oil on my finger which stung for a little while then came much relief! – I kept putting the oil onto my finger over a period of a couple of hours and the pain disappeared and no blistering!

Oil of Wild Oregano is one of those products that you don’t want to be without either in the home or when out & about.

– Judy, Sydney NSW

Helps Combat Chronic Fatigue and Digestive Issues

I have had chronic fatigue for over 15 years and have had digestive issues through that time.

Since using solutions 4 health wild oregano oil I have had a significant increase in energy and a better sense of wellbeing.

I have also experimented with applying to neck and shoulders for a headache and found that it has often released the headache in about 10 mins. Another time I had a pain in my gum area and I applied the oil and it greatly reduced the pain. I highly recommend this product and will certainly be taking a maintenance dose each day. Thank you solutions 4 health for making this great product available

– Adrian, VIC

Excellent Product

I rated 3 health problems on a scale of 1 – 10 to indicate how Oil of Wild Oregano is helping my condition (1 to indicate the condition is very poor, 10 to indicate the condition is very good).

  • Tinea started off at 1 and by day 3 I rated it a 10
  • Toothache started at 1 and I used it as needed for 5 days and the ache went so that rated 10
  • Infection from body piercing started off at 3, on the second and third day rated 5 and on day four rated 10.

This is an excellent product, should be in all first aid kits.

Oil of Wild Oregano Fixes Skin Issues

I noticed what at first I thought to be “Ring-Worm” on my arm – the doctor could not clearly determine just what it was so I will call it a “strange rash”.

I started applying the Oil of Wild Oregano onto the rash morning, noon & evening, I also took the Oil of Wild Oregano internally as well, and after about a week it was gone. I noticed that if I stopped applying the Oil too soon, even though the rash seemed to be gone, it came back again so I just kept applying the Oil of Wild Oregano for a few days after the rash had gone and it didn’t return!

– Andrew, Sydney NSW

 ‘Hooked’ on Oil of Wild Oregano

I was introduced to Oil of Wild Oregano a few months ago by a friend as a remedy against by frequent colds and flu’s. Although I eat well, exercise regularly and always take a cardigan where ever I go, I used to have at least 3 colds a year – which was soo annoying! Usually I tried to boost my immune system by taking Echinicia, Zinc, Vitamin C – all the usual stuff you can buy as alternative medicine but nothing had a long-lasting effect.

Once I started taking Oil of Wild Oregano I was able to experience when something really works – I take it everyday now and if I get a sore throat or a little sniffle, I increase the usage to up to 3x time a day and the symptoms clear away within 24 hours – fantastic! It’s also super handy that you have the choice of drops and capsules which come in handy for holidays.

I have a running joke now with my friend that I am ‘hooked’ onto your product but that’s something I’m happy to admit!

The only question is now: what shall I do with all my other supplement tablets?!

– Tina, 34 years old, WA

Cure of Thrush

I have suffered with oral thrush for years & Nilstat did nothing for me. A relative told me about Oil of Wild Oregano so thought I had nothing to lose & tried it. I used 5 drops 2x a day with water for three days & the thrush on my tongue had vanished! The product makes me feel so good I will stay on the wild Oregano till I finish the 15ml bottle. Even my digestion has improved. What a great product!

Wonderful product!

Complete Recovery

Thank you for your wonderful product of oregano capsules. One year ago after having had a flu i was laid up and in hospital with pleurisy. I was treated with antibiotics and told i may need to have the fluid taken from my lung and that it is usually a slow recovery. Very distressed with the thought of not working i searched the internet for something ,as an extra treatment. Oregano oil can help respiratory problems i read and then from my local health food store purchased your product . To everyone’s surprise after only 5 days a x-ray revealed a complete recovery and my doctor wrote me a clearance to go back to work. I have continued to use this terrific and powerful product to build my immune system since and to this day have not had a cold or flu. MY family all take just one capsule a day as a health measure and strongly recommend oregano to our friends and my co workers. Keep producing this product Solutions 4 Health, it is fantastic.

– Geoff, Perth  W.A.

Immediate improvement

I recently returned from a visit to Vietnam, complete with an upset stomach complaint. Upon a visit to my health practitioner, she suggested this oil to me, and upon taking 1 capsule, I immediately started to improve. I now have taken over 7 days of these capsules, and feel wonderful.

– Annette – Queensland

Carry companion

A year and a half ago I visited Bangladesh and was very concerned about getting traveller’s diarrhoea. I had emailed you prior to the trip and you gave me great advice. I took some oil with me and I used a few drops under my tongue after every meal in Bangladesh over a two week period. I ate at some very questionable restaurants while there! I was with a group of 11 other women and I was the only one who didn’t get the runs the entire time. And believe me, you don’t want to get the runs while visiting a third world village with a hole in the ground for a toilet and buckets of water for flushing… I was amazed that I didn’t get sick there as I have a very weak tummy and get the runs every single time I travel to Asia. I have to share a funny story too – on my final day there, one of my companions started sniffing around me and said ‘it smells like pizza!’…unfortunately the lid had broken in my handbag and I now had a pizza smelling handbag and wallet! Ha haa! And there’s no way of getting rid of that smell

A few months later I visited Cambodia and unfortunately forgot to take my oil. Within a few days I had such bad diarrhoea that I ended up in hospital on a drip – on Xmas day! I definitely believe that if I’d had the oil on me this wouldn’t have happened.

Needless to say, the oil will travel with me on any future trips…

Thank you for a wonderful product.