Coughing, Sneezing...
Head's Pounding...
Body Aches...
Sore Throat...

Symptoms of the inescapable common cold & flu that we know all too well.

When the winter season strikes, everyone falls victim.

Don't get caught out.

Prepare you and your family this cold and flu season.


The Common Cold and Flu is Caused by a Submicroscopic Virus.

Viruses can be anywhere, on anything and can survive long after contamination.

A study by the American Society for Microbiology (3) showed that a virus can live on a banknote for up to 3 days. Viruses can transfer to a host with a success rate of 67% when the individual has touched an object. An example being, touching a bank note and then touching the face. (5)

Touching your face might not seem like a prominent reoccurance in your day, but you will be surprised.
According to a study published by the American Journal of Infection Control, the average person touches their face 23 times per hour! That's 322 times a cold can enter your body in a single day! *

  • Oregano Plant Leaves Close Up
  • Oil of Wild Oregano is one of Nature's most potent fighters.

    It contains powerful biogenic volatile compounds, namely Carvacrol and Thymol which are oxygenated monoterpenes.

    These main two components are what make up the essential oil of a plant, the defense mechanism of the plant.

    These components are what reduce the abiotic stress of the plant, and defend it against herbivores and pathogens.

    Much like it is fighting off a "cold".

    Carvacrol and Thymol have been extensively studied and have been found to have several antibacterial and antifungal activities (7), antiviral properties (10) as well as anti-inflammatory effects.(8)

    Carvacrol and thymol are very powerful compounds on their own but the therapeutic effects are greater when they are working together.

    Like they do in the Oregano plant.

    However there's a problem with the way many Oregano Oil products are made.

    It all depends on its source.

The Source

Our raw materials are handpicked right from where nature intended them to grow, with no pesticides, no growth enhancers, and no
synthetic additives

Oregano has been growing for thousands of years, forever increasing it’s fitness to become the best it can be to fight off any external influences that have tried to kill it over the centuries.

The external factors include the altitude it grows at, the
angle the sun reaches its leaves, the temperature and the water it receives; these factors and many more are what play a part in the chemical makeup of the

These factors change every season, and to think that this
could be replicated by man is wishful thinking.

  • Oregano Mountains
  • Not all natural climates are equal.

    Certain plants only grow ‘wild’, in certain habitats.

    The Australian habitat does not produce, naturally - ‘in the wild’, the species of Origanum plant that Solutions4Health’s product is based on - Origanum Vulgare.

    This grows wild in high altitudes of the Mediterranean region on calciferous rock, opposed to in the soil which many are not aware of.

    Many Oregano plants are grown in fields that are not the plant’s natural habitat. These fields do not possess the same soil quality and
    climate that is essential for the plant to thrive and grow to its full therapeutic potency.

    Moreover, when farmed, the soil may have been contaminated, or pesticides used to ensure maximized harvests.

  • Benefits and Uses of Oregano Oil
  • Many have tried to grow Oregano outside of its natural habitat, but this brings the quality and quantity of the active constituents down.

    So, you will often find that Carvacrol levels are
    artificially increased during the process of extraction. In these standardization methods, the natural synergy of active constituents in the oil are often placed out of balance.

    It is imperative to remember that this is a potent natural
    medicine, and only nature can get these levels right. Different “batches” of
    Wild Oregano will have grown in slightly different environmental seasons and conditions resulting in mild variations in constituent levels. It is only the science of nature that can slightly adjust and produce the other elements in precisely the form and level required for that perfect synergy to continue.

    • Our Oil of Wild Oregano is Certified Organic and is produced under ISO 9001-2008 and HACCP quality procedures.
    • We are also made in Australia and are listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia register.
    • We undertake rigorous testing to ensure quality is always maintained and commit to ensuring that only the highest quality, natural, unadulterated Oil of Wild Oregano is utilized in our products.
    • Third party tested for chemical constituents, heavy metal presence, and an array of microbiological tests. As well as ongoing batch stability testing (shelf-life).
    • Our products are manufactured in TGA, GMP compliant and Australian Certified Organic facilities.
  • Karen Z.

    29th April 2023

    Love this, always take it when I feel a cold coming on, stops it in its tracks

  • Maurice

    10th March 2023

    Solutions4 Health Oregano Oil capsules is very beneficial for colds and flus.  It is anti-Viral and anti- bacterial. I highly recommend it to my friends.

  • Gail W.

    22nd January 2022

    As soon as I feel a sniffle, sore throat or cold symptoms, I put 4-5 drops in a capsule and swallow, symptoms gone. ❤️

  • Kellie R.

    1st June 2023

    I work in childcare and was always sick but i have to say since taking your oil i actually haven't been sick for the last 3 months of taking it.

  • Kim Maree S.

    11th July 2022

    This is one of the Best products Available, I take this every day Keep immunity up, don’t wait till you need it, just do it daily, loving your products

  • Maureen Rose J.

    15th August 2021

    I have the actual oil not in a capsule. I have used it for years now! If I get the slightest sniffle or sore throat I put 3 to 4 drops in half glass of water and down the hatch.




What's In Solutions4Health Oil of Wild Oregano Drops?

Solutions4Health Oil of Wild Oregano Drops contain ECOCERT Certified Organic Wild Oregano (Origanum vulgare). Along with sugar, glucose, syrup (maize), honey and citric acid.
Cautions: Avoid if allergic to the mint family of plants. 

What's In Solutions4Health Oil of Wild Oregano?

Solutions4Health Oil of Wild Oregano contains ECOCERT Certified Organic Wild Oregano (Origanum vulgare) appropriately blended with Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil in ratio of 1:4 respectively. Making it convenient for internal and/or external use.

What Are Vegicaps?

Solutions4Health uses Vegicaps. Vegicaps are derived from starch. 100% natural, the capsules contain no preservatives, and are GMO free, with no animal by-products.

Isn't it bad to take essential oils internally?

Oil of Wild Oregano is considered a "hot" essential oil. Oil of Wild oregano oil feels "spicy hot" when you swallow it (or when it touches any mucous membrane). The spicy hot feeling is normal and is a typical characteristic of the oil . The burning sensation will pass. It is important to remember however that not all oils are created for internal use. Solutions4Health Oil of Wild Oregano is already appropriately diluted with a carrier oil so that it can be used for both internal consumption and external use.

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