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Solutions 4 Health began to manufacture “health pharmaceutical” products in 2006. We manufacture products that are “Australian Market Firsts”. We continue to produce and launch innovative products into the “healthcare industry”, which are proving to be of great benefit to many Australian consumers. Here at Solutions 4 Health we are passionate about “ethical healthcare” and we are committed to introducing more innovative products. We follow due diligence in creating clinically proven nutraceutical products with integrity.

Our products are available in most health food stores and a growing number of pharmacies around Australia.

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Solutions 4 Health Wild Oregano Oil is a miracle oil in a bottle! Years of chronic dieting left me with poor digestion, bloating and inflammation. Wild oregano oil has helped me greatly and it cleared my sinuses to boot! Thanks to it’s natural antibiotic properties, I have not had so much as a sniffle in months and am feeling on top of the world! Thank you!
Kylie PaxAustralia’s Emotional Eating Coach
Wild oregano oil is a traveller’s best friend! I was recently in Nepal for 6 weeks and didn’t part with my bottle the entire time I was there. It was a very effective water purifier and eliminated many of the potential ‘bugs’ I would have otherwise picked up. The one time that I felt a little off colour, the oregano worked rapidly over a 24hr period to get me back on my feet and trekking again. My other trekking companions were also very grateful for the oregano oil after they saw how effective it was and would now also never leave home without it.
Renee, NDSouthern Highlands NSW
I have been looking for an alternative natural antibiotic for my son when he is sick with coughs and colds. I regret giving him antibiotics prescribed by doctors in his early preschool years when he constantly suffered from viral infections.
The nearest I came to was colloidal silver so I was really excited when I heard about oregano oil. He has since used it solely for coughs and colds. Even my husband who suffers from fungal infection on his feet has benefited from it. Thank you for bringing this natural herbal remedy to Australia.

Just wanted to write and thank you for such an amazing product. I have been using the oil of wild oregano oil for a week now and can say i love it! I bought it to treat toenail fungus that i have been suffering for a long time without a cure and hearing amazing things about Oregano oil in helping to treat toenail fungus i stumbled upon your website and decided to order as yours is the only Australian company that produces the oil. Though i haven’t seen any results on the toenail fungus as it is too early i woke up one night after using the oil internally and externally for 3 days and realised that my left hand which i usually scratch at night until it bleeds as i suffer from eczema was smooth and i hadn’t scratched it and all lesions were closed. I look forward to see the results on my toenails. will continue to use this amazing product and would love to also try the tablets for internal use…

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