Cuts & Scrapes

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What are cuts and scrapes

Cuts and scrapes are defined by a break in the skin. They are common and generally minor, but if left unattended can become infected. To reduce the risk of getting an infection, the affected areas should be cleaned properly to prevent entry of harmful microorganisms 2.


How Oil of Wild Oregano can help

Oregano oil has excellent antiseptic properties that prevent pathogens from entering your system through a wound 2.

Oregano oil performed very well when tested against a huge number of bacteria; particularly 189 gram-negative and 135 gram-positive strains of locally prevalent pathogenic bacteria 1.

In another test conducted to show the efficiency of a 3% Oregano extract on wound healing, it was shown that the oregano ointment group had 19 percent of cultures test positive for Staphylococcus aureus compared to 41 percent in the petrolatum group. One patient in the oregano ointment group developed a cellulitis compared to three patients in the petrolatum group. The oregano group had a statistically significant improvement over petrolatum in scar colour, pigmentation, and pliability. The study  concluded that Oregano extract ointment decreased bacterial contamination and subsequent infection on post-surgical wounds and had equivalent overall scar appearance compared to petrolatum 3.


How to use Oil of Wild Oregano

Solutions4Health Oil of Wild Oregano is already appropriately diluted with a carrier oil so that it  can be used safely for both internal consumption and external use.

First, you must always clean the scrape or cut.  This can be done with plain water or even coconut oil 4.

Second,  you need to disinfect. Oil of Wild Oregano  has high antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.  Apply liberally on your wound/s and repeat as needed. Make sure you have done a patch test on the inner section  of your arm to determine any sensitivity.

As with the use of any nutraceutical, it is important to first consult with your doctor to discuss your use of Oil of Wild Oregano in light of any medical conditions you may have and any medication you may be taking.

Do not use on pregnant and nursing mothers. Consult  your health care provider if you are giving it to children under the age of 12 or the elderly, so as to adjust the dosage accordingly. It is not recommended for children under the age of 5.



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